New users: help to navigate the forum

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New users: help to navigate the forum

Post  Lilliput on Sun Mar 08, 2009 10:54 am

Are you looking to find a new home for your dog?

You can use the Private Rehoming section of the forum and you will be responsible of all the aspects of rehoming the dog


You can contact the Admin and Mods team and ask for the dog to be taken under Friends of Ben care, in which case the dog will be rehomed according to our policies and procedures.
You will be asked to sign a surrender form and Friends of Ben will be responsible of finding the home for the dog.
Please note that due to limited funds and foster homes available we can only take in a certain number of dogs at any given time.
**We will not take our under care any pup less than 8 weeks old (unless the mother is not feeding the pups for health reasons)

Would you like to adopt a dog?

Please have a look at the following sections of the forum:

Dogs that are under the care of Friends of Ben
Restricted breeds
Other breeds

Dogs rehomed privately from members of the forum
Private Rehoming

Each section has specific rehoming rules. Please read the forum rules of each section before making an enquiry.

A dog needs help and you donít know what to do?

Please contact the Admin and Mods team and they will be able to advice on what to do.

Would you like to become a fosterer?

Please have a look first at our Fosterers Corner section to have a better idea of what is involved in fostering. If you still think that you would like to foster a dog, please contact the Admin and Mods team.

Do you need to contact us?

By email to

By PM: you can send a personal message to any of the Admin and Mods team through the forum PM facilities

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